Help Squash Inequality in Bartending!

I know you have it in you to help squash the inequality of the Bartending industry!

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Did you know?

1. The median real hourly wage for female bartenders is $12.17 compared to $13.88 for their male counterparts.

Do you think that’s fair?!

2. A survey of fine dining bartenders in New York by Restaurant Opportunity Centers (ROC) United found that 59% were male.

Comparatively, only 45% of bartenders in family style restaurants (a position with much lower earnings) were male.

3. A study conducted by Girls with Bols found that 25% of those competing in international bartending competitions were female, and in 2014, only 3% of Canadian applicants to Diageo World Class were female.

Get your butts behind the bar ladies!

4. A study by Restaurant Opportunity Centers (ROC) said that 78% of servers and bartenders surveyed were harassed by customers.

Nearly 2/3 said they ignore sexually harassing behaviors, often for fear of looking harsh in front of other customers or losing tips.


Bartending Inequality Infographic

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