About Us: Los Angeles Bartending School

Los Angeles Bartending SchoolThe Los Angeles Bartending School is the leader of Job Placement in the LA area for bartender classes. It is imperative to us that all of our graduates succeed and make great money as Bartenders. Furthermore, at Los Angeles Bartending School we Guarantee our students work. None of our competitors do this and it’s one huge difference between us and other Bartending School’s in the area. 

Simply search bartender jobs near me or bartender school and we’ll hook you right up! We always make sure that our students hone in their bartending skills by properly training and educating them. Additionally, proper use of our FREE Lifetime Membership, allows graduates to continuously train with bartending classes and Master the trade of being a Professional Bartender.

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Our bartending course is set up to teach you all of the ins and outs to the Bartending Industry. Our courses are set up to teach someone with absolutely no experience in the industry as well as someone with experience that is looking for better opportunities. We understand your desire to learn how to be a bartender, and the more you know, the better you’ll be. In summary, every graduate that follows our guidance is usually put to work days after completion.

With a 100% Money Back Guarantee, What do you have to lose? 

This school is amazing! The staff is so helpful, and they really want all the students to succeed. I have had so many job opportunities because of this school. If you’re looking for great training and job placement, I would highly recommend this school! 🙂 Stefanie Y. 

Our Academic Process

At Los Angeles Bartending School we train our students hands on one on one. This type of training allows our students to meet their maximum potential. Our courses are made to help you succeed, of course! More importantly, the staff and the owner of the Long Beach location are knowledgeable and helpful. Especially relevant, is that we go out of our way to provide you with anything from learning how to pour an Old Fashion to Networking with the right people in the industry to find the best jobs available.

We offer a free tour of the school. Please come in and see what we are offering. The best way to choose a bartending school is to visit with the school so you may decide for yourself whether it is a good choice. Our awesome setup is thrilling. There is no appointment necessary but if you would like to make an appointment we will be happy to assist you.