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Want to become a bartender and graduate with a guaranteed job?

That’s right. While others might guarantee job leads…… we’re guaranteeing you’ll have a job.

Our bartenders are well trained, and master over 160 different cocktails in their training and work experience.

Our bartenders know their stuff!

We have a high emphasis on customer service in our schools to make sure our bartenders are professional and friendly on the job.

Our bartenders are also CAAT certified (California Alcohol Awareness Training) and have experience in wine pairing, beer, and spirits and liqueurs.

Each of our students also has their own bartending equipment set, including tin, shaker, and ice bin.

(213) 380-3200

University of Mixology is the only school that guarantees every graduate (who qualifies) will be offered a job within a few days of graduating our course.

Our school is well known in the service industry for producing better, faster bartenders – bartenders that are very sought after.

That’s how we can make such a bold guarantee.

To get the specific details and to make sure you qualify, (213) 380-3200 or complete the form above.

And start your new career!

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