Los Angeles Bartending ClassesBartending Classes … Almost a Thing of the Past

Our bartender classes are not the average “bartending classes”.

We’re a bartending school providing guaranteed bartending jobs capable of delivering you quality and high paying bartender jobs in Los Angeles.

We also provide as much one on one attention to each and every student who needs it. We train in craft mixology.

Yes, you heard it right! Click here to see what you will learn.

We have full time instructors at Los Angeles Bartending School to teach you how to to a bartender, to work with students whenever they show up to the school.

This “come and go as you please” policy is a huge hit in the industry.

For example, if you are a single parent and your child is feeling a little ill, you are not forced to come to class.

However, if you want to come to class all day the next day, you can!

We understand life is filled with challenges and we are here to serve you in the most efficient manner.

We want everyone signing up for our bartending classes to succeed!


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Bartending Classes Made Easy

Since we provide one on one instruction, many people say its “bartending classes made easy”.

Working with our instructors is easy because they are all bartenders, they love their teaching job, and they have a wealth of information to teach you.

Everything is learned in small steps so the information is easily retained. There is not one person who puts in the effort who does not graduate.

Additionally, we work with you until you are capable of handling the bar while its crowded.

Our Bartenders Rock It!

Most bartending schools teach for anywhere between 30 hours and 40 hours. Additionally, they do not require some very important things in their program.

For example, if a bartending school does not have a food and wine pairing class, a beer pouring program, or an alcohol awareness certification, they are not teaching their students properly.

Additionally, it is very important to be a high-volume bartender when you graduate.

High-volume bartenders are capable of keeping their customers’ drinks filled.

Keeping the customer happy and filled in a timely manner is the job of any professional bartender.

Bartending ClassLos Angeles Bartending School Jobs – Class Times

We recognize many of our students attending have other commitments to work, school, and family.

For that reason, we have designed the schedule to be very flexible, offering classes in the morning, evening, and weekends.

Bartending Class Times Are Flexible!

One hour classes are offered at 11:00 AM and  7PM   daily,  HOWEVER, if you can’t make those times, we have instructors that can still work one-on-one with you!!!


*If you start working for our staffing company  as a paid barback or server,  your paid shift can also count towards your 40 hours!


Call  (213) 380-3200


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Good morning!

We are producing a new online show, “Shaken: The Cocktail Challenge,” a bartending competition webseries. Think “Chopped” but for bartenders. We are currently casting bartender contestants, and were wondering if anyone at National Bartender Staffing would be interested?

Each episode, 2 bartender contestants will be challenged to craft a creative cocktail based on surprise requirements (that may be required ingredients, a choice of flavor profiles, or certain limitations). A panel of celebrity judges will then determine a winning cocktail based on taste, creativity, and presentation.

We are looking for bartenders who are creative and interested in creating new cocktails.

The winning bartender will receive a prize package consisting of customized swag and gifts donated from our sponsors (Hella Bitters, Jack Rudy, and one-off episode sponsors). We will also promote them (and where they work!) on our various social media channels.

Our first season will consist of 12 episodes and we are shooting next week from July 26-30 in West LA. Each contestant would only be needed for about 4 hours on one of those days.

In terms of the guest judges, we are working with talent such as Darren Bousman (director in the Saw franchise), Lyndon Smith (Parenthood), and Angel Parker (The People vs OJ Simpson), and will be launching the series with a VIP party for celebrities and influencers around Labor day.

Our creator and Executive Producer, Annie McGrath, is the former Vice President of Development at Axelrod-Ett Productions, and is finishing up her MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Our other Executive Producer, Sarah Allyn Bauer, is an actress and a producer who previously produced the web series and weekly vlog “Monster Shrink” on YouTube. Our final Executive Producer and permanent judge, Karlie Blair, is also an actress and has worked in production on the hit webseries “The Most Popular Girls in School”. Between the three of us we have over 15 years of production experience and more than 25,000 followers across social media.

We hope you will pass this on to anyone who might be interested in being a part of this new show. We look forward to hearing from you.

Going to need about 12 certified bartenders for 20th. Message us if available and you want to work!

Also, message us if you'd like to make a quick $15 this morning. First 10 people!